Mar Meyer is not pleased when her husband of 28 years ditches her for another woman, so she reacts by changing everything in her life: her home, her hobbies, her friends, even her name. Though it’s not easy starting over, Mar is ready for new adventures—as long as they are commitment-free. This episodic novel follows Mar through her first year of single life, moving month to month from one acquaintance to the next to escape her painful past. Every encounter brings her closer to self-awareness and a chance for happiness and fulfillment—if she’s willing to make some changes.

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Renowned author Charles Kittredge becomes the reluctant host to a misbehaving widow and a woman with a troubled past. Charlie and his guests struggle to conquer their demons . . . or lose the one person closest to their hearts. This novel follows the intertwining stories of several characters from the previous book. 

Ruth F Stevens

Ruth F Stevens likes to create stories that will make you laugh and cry. Stage Seven, her debut novel, was inspired in part by real-life experiences dealing with her mother’s Alzheimer’s disease and decline. It is based on her stage play of the same title, produced in 2018. Her second play (a dark comedy) was named a finalist in the 2019 Garry Marshall Theatre New Works competition.  Ruth is a former public relations professional (NYC and LA) and current member of the Dramatists Guild of America, the Women's Fiction Writers Association, and AlzAuthors. She has been writing professionally for her entire career—including advertising campaigns and hundreds of articles for magazines, newspapers, and journals—but creative writing is her passion.

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