Stage Seven

A sweet but uptight single mom falls for an older man at an Alzheimer’s facility where her mother—and his wife—are patients. Barbara Gordon is a self-reliant, divorced mom, brilliant at managing her life with lists and spreadsheets. Lately, though, the demands of a teenage daughter, a manipulative sister, and a mother with worsening Alzheimer’s are more than she can handle. Then Barbara meets Jack, an appealing older man married to a late-stage dementia patient who no longer knows him. Jack and Barbara hold the power to make each other happy…but only if Barbara can break her long cycle of romantic abstinence. Funny, sad, and heartwarming, Stage Seven is about two people caught between love and duty, and the risks we take when we commit our hearts to family, friends, and lovers alike.

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Watch Ruth discuss Stage Seven on the Summer Book Series co-sponsored by AlzAuthors and HFC (Hilarity for Charity), an Alzheimer’s awareness group founded by Seth Rogen and Lauren Miller Rogen.

Stage Seven is part of the AlzAuthors collection of books, podcasts, videos, and more. AlzAuthors is an excellent online resource for dementia patients, their family members, and caregivers. It offers a compendium of information including memoirs, caregiver guides, novels, children’s books, and blogs, plus the encouraging real-life experiences behind these works.


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