A Play in Two Acts

In present day Boston, Barbara, a worry-prone divorcee, has just moved her mother into Tropical Gardens memory care facility. There she meets Jack, an older man caring for his wife, who suffers from final stage Alzheimer’s dementia. As summer progresses, the lives of the two families become increasingly intertwined. Jack is torn between his long-time devotion to his wife and his strong attraction to Barbara; she struggles with the burden of responsibility for her mother, the machinations of a domineering older sister, and her quest for personal happiness. Not just a study of Alzheimer’s, this is also a humorous and touching modern-day examination of the redemptive power of love in its many forms.

Cast: 8 (5 women, 2 men, 1 gender-neutral)
Genre: comedy, drama, romantic comedy


A Play in Six Scenes

It is the twenty-second century, where people enjoy longer lifespans and greater financial prosperity. Two married couples—Jimmy and Elena, and Robert and Crystal—are “snowbirds” from different northern cities who spend winters together at a luxurious tropical island resort. Despite the blissful setting, all is not well: After a long absence caused by the life-threatening COVID-2105 virus, Crystal returns to the group with devastating news for her husband Robert; Jimmy needs a steady infusion of alcohol to deal with dark secrets from his wife’s and his own past; and Abby, an artificial intelligence robot, keeps both couples on edge with her alarming predictions. Marriages and friendships are strained to the limit by emotional volatility and by the dual threats of climate change and overpopulation, and the angry snowbirds must find a way to sink or swim amidst all this instability.

Cast: 6 (3 women, 3 men)
Genre: comedy, dark comedy, drama, science fiction

If you are an artistic director or theatre representative interested in receiving a downloadable script or further information, you may contact the playwright directly via this website.

Ruth’s plays can also be downloaded from her page on the New Play Exchange.  (Membership required for access)

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